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Jean-Baptiste Martin

A Passionate Writer

Born in 1978 in Normandy, France, Jean-Baptiste Martin is a film music enthusiast who has devoted much of his life to the study and appreciation of the work of composer James Horner.


His passion was born in 1995, when he was captivated by music while watching the film Apollo 13 at the cinema. The cue “Re-Entry & Splashdown” sparked strong emotions that have stayed with him ever since. As an insecure teenager lost in his parents’ divorce, Jean-Baptiste found film music a source of escape and comfort.


In 1997, his passion took a new turn when he discovered Dreams to Dream…s magazine, which devoted numerous articles to film music and in particular to the work of James Horner.


When he subscribed, he received the album The Spitfire Grill as a gift, music that again had a profound impact on him. That same year, he discovered Field of Dreams, both the film and the attendant soundtrack album, which continued to fuel his love for Horner’s music.


In 2011, Jean-Baptiste decided to create a website dedicated to the composer’s work. The site was designed to bring together information about his life and compositions. In the process, he formed the James Horner Film Music Association, with the aim of connecting with enthusiasts like himself and amplifying the editorial work on the website. Today, the site boasts 600 pages and 300 articles, making it the most comprehensive online information base on the composer. One of the association’s major projects came to fruition in May 2022 with the organization of a tribute concert, broadcast worldwide via YouTube, featuring two rare Horner works, Spectral Shimmers and A Forest Passage.


Between November 2013 and May 2015, Jean-Baptiste had the chance to follow Horner on his concerts across Europe, from Vienna to Liverpool, via London. Each time was an opportunity for moving encounters with the composer, some lasting several hours. In the course of their intimate exchanges, Jean-Baptiste suggested to Horner a magazine in print and digital format to comment on the composer’s current assignments. The first issue was scheduled for release in summer 2015.


In June 2015, Horner’s sudden death came as a shock to Jean-Baptiste, as it did to all fans of the composer. However, far from diminishing his interest in Horner’s music, this event strengthened Jean-Baptiste’s determination to preserve the composer’s legacy and continue to share his passion.


In March 2018, Jean-Baptiste traveled to Los Angeles to meet Sara and Emily, Horner’s wife and daughter respectively, whose testimonies greatly enriched his understanding of the man and the musician. He also visited the studio where the composer created most of his music. Following this trip, Jean-Baptiste decided to write a book bringing together all existing information on Horner’s career.


In the course of writing, Jean-Baptiste found himself acting both as an investigator and a historian, delving into the archives, interviewing Horner’s close collaborators and contacting all the living directors who worked with him. This work has been going on for 6 years and continues today.


Now at the beginning of 2024, volume 1 of the book entitled “James Horner: The Emotionalist”, which traces the composer’s childhood and early career, is ready for publication. It offers a unique and unprecedented look at James Horner, and is an event not to be missed.

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